Mexico Dental Implant Guide has Board Certified Dentists for your dental implants and mini implants in Mexico. High-quality Mexico dental implants, mini implants, dental implant prices, cosmetic dental makeovers, oral restoration, crowns and veneers are available with our Cabo dentist, Cancun, Tijuana and Puerto Vallarta dental clinics

Get Dental implants in Mexico by a Board Certified Mexico Dentist!

You'll save $1,000's on your dental implants in Mexico and be safe and sure you are getting the quality you want with our recommended certified dentists in Mexico.

Our Mexico dental implant clinics use only top quality name-brand dental implants like Nobel Biocare. They can last 20 years to lifetime vs. low-quality off-brands which may last only 6-10 years.


Dental Implants look more like a natural tooth than crowns, but last much longer. A good quality dental crown is hard to detect from a natural tooth without close inspection.  Our Mexico dental implant dentists do virtually every type of advanced dental procedures from an implant, mini implant, dental bridge, crown and root canal - to treating a walk-in patient with a broken tooth sent over by a local hotel.

Dental implant Costs in Mexico - 

World renowned Nobel Biocare Dental Implants at our Mexico dental clinics are a fraction of the cost of the same implant in the USA. Check with us for the latest prices. Our recommended Mexico dental implant dentists use only top quality brands. You can safely estimate that quality dental implants by a fully accredited, board certified dentist in Mexico will in the neighborhood of $2,150 complete with x-rays, temps, abutment and permanent crown set on your 2nd visit 4-6 months after the implant was set.

Other potential costs related to dental implants include sinus lifts and bone grafts. The necessity of these items can be determined by having an examination including a panoramic x-ray by an implantologist in your home town or you can have it done for less in Mexico.


Our Mexico dental implant specialist in Cabo San Lucas is dentist Dr. Rafael Ramirez. He has a diploma in implantology from Nobel Biocare the company that invented the dental implant and has taught American dentists in the latest advances in dental implant technology at international dental conventions. He is also a prosthodontist (sets artificial eyes, nose, ears etc.) periodontist, orthodontist and endodontist. He is typical of the caliber of our Mexico dental clinic associates.

  Mexico dental implant specialist - Cabo dentist Dr. Rafael Ramirez on the Cabo San Lucas marina.

Our Puerto Vallarta and Tijuana implant specialists are former directors of their state oral surgeon's associations. If you want the best dentistry in Mexico, you have come to the right place.  

Cosmetic Dental makeovers can involve a combination of dental implants, crowns, bridges, veneers and bonding, depending on each case.  It can involve oral surgery or periodontics.


Dental Implants - Prior to getting on a plane for Mexico, – it’s best to visit a dentist back home to determine if you are a suitable candidate for implants. Your doctor can check If any periodontal treatment is needed, check your bone density, sinus area etc. Patients who are heavy tobacco users, substance abusers, diabetics or have other health issues may make an implant inadvisable but will have other options to consider. 


Our doctors can advise you as well regarding your suitability for traditional dental implants and go over your options with you. Keep in mind - Implants are not always the  best solution for every patient.  Smokers,  diabetics, the elderly, bone density, gum diseases and other issues often preclude the longer traditional dental  implant.


Dental implants are used most often for molars and front incisors. These teeth take the most abuse and are subject to most of the pressure while eating. An initial visit in which the titanium base is implanted in the bone is required. A second visit approximately 3 to 6 months later will be scheduled when the temporary is removed and the permanent  crown is fitted into the implant.


With dentures, one eats at only 20% efficiency versus implants that restore chewing efficiency to the same of your natural teeth. With dental implants you eat without the pain you experience from a denture rocking and irritating nerves and gum tissue. Dentures secured with mini-implants are a great alternative to traditional dentures being more comfortable.


  • Often clinics in the USA, Mexico or other countries will advertise implants at $750-$1,500usd.  Reading between the lines, one discovers that they are for inferior generic  brands sometimes from China, composite crowns rather than porcelain, or just for the abutment base with the crown being another $1,000 or more. 
  • Our Mexico dental implant specialists use only the best materials for our patients and will not sacrifice quality.
  • Traditional dental implants such as Nobel Biocare can last 15 years to a lifetime and other solutions such as bridges or dentures only a decade or so – dental implants often turn out to be your best investment over the long term.
  • One must take extra care when selecting a dentist in Mexico as less-trained general dentists are permitted to attempt advanced dentistry on patients - learning the hard way.
  • Mexico Dentist Guide features ONLY Board Certified Dentists who have had years of additional formal training. We guarantee your dental implant in Mexico will be performed by a certified dentist and not a less-trained general dentist.

    One-day dental  implants are available for the lateral incisors that take less stress and abuse than the molars or front incisors.  

    Dr. Nelson Henry is on your side - he believes dentistry in the USA is too expensive - so he sends patients to certified dentists for dental implants in Mexico to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo dentists.


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