Dentists in Mexico should be dancing in the streets over Obama’s new health care reform bill, as the majority of the dental treatments received by Americans in Mexico fall within the areas that will continue to be denied coverage by American insurers, Medicare, and Medicaid.

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Why does a simple thing like a root canal cost so much?

Figure $800-3,000 for one tooth depending on number of roots and clinic. And that’s for 45 minutes to 90 minutes of the dentist’s time. The higher figure of $3,000 represents fancy clinics in the trendier parts of big cities while the $800 figure is average for small town USA.  So it’s little wonder why many dentists can afford to own Mercedes and Jags (my Pasadena  dentist drove a Lamborghini) while us poor folk have to move about in more humble forms of transportation.

Imagine earning $800-$3,000 an hour... 

Doctors and dentists in the USA have historically cried that they have large medical school loans to repay and consequently have to charge a lot for their services.  The new Health Care Reform bill will eventually take the wind out of that argument as it provides for subsidies for dental schools and students.  This is a half-step in catching up to the rest of the world’s industrialized nations (including  Mexico) that pay most, if not all a medical student’s education.  Aarp members, unions and the uninsured across the nation applauded - the idea....

Root canals have to be one of the dentist's highest profit margin treatments - it's pure labor by the dentist - takes about an hour, and US dentists get $800 - $3,000 vs. $450 from a dentist in Mexico.

Many countries require a year in public health care service from the doctors in return upon graduation thus enhancing the Public Option and helping keep a lid on the cost of Private Care reasonable via competition.  The net result is that eventually, the country eliminates the ‘Doctor is God’ myth, bringing respect and compensation for the medical profession more in line with that of engineers, architects, business managers etc.  The medical and dental professions are applied sciences – technical trades if you will, and the doctors need not be treated as or compensated like rock stars.  

Dentists in Mexico should be dancing in the streets over Obama’s new health care reform bill, as the majority of the medical and dental treatments received by Americans in Mexico fall within the areas that will continue to be denied coverage by American insurers, Medicare, and Medicaid.

  Obama Care does nothing to address the high cost of dental treatments...

The Health Care Reform plan like most dental insurance plans does nothing to address the high costs of dental treatments in the US.  It allocates money for dental schools, equipment, computer record keeping systems, allows more low income onto the Medicaid program which essentially allows for extractions of bad teeth rather than restorations.  It also allows the insurance companies to keep charging premiums while permitting one crown or root canal a year.  Good job ADA and health care insurance company lobbyists! 

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